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SHCS 5-Year Plan


Our roadmap for the years ahead.

The plan

The SHCS 5-year plan is our roadmap for 2023–2025 and also outlines our aspirational goals for 2026–2027. It will guide our decisions and actions as we address challenges, pursue our vision and mission, work to achieve our goals and support UBC’s diverse array of strategic plans.

Every member of SHCS has the opportunity to contribute to the work established in this plan. Our actions, no matter the size or scope, always have an important role at UBC, along with a significant impact on the people, groups and communities we serve and support.

Three-year priorities

While each departmental plan included in the 5-year plan document outlines numerous initiatives and priority projects over the coming years, four primary themes emerged. These themes provide insight into the common work that our departments are committed to pursuing.



Renewal and growth

Innovation and digital transformation

Longer-term aspirations

SHCS is a leading provider of campus services in the higher education sector. We continually seek to deliver first-in class services to our students, customers, clients, stakeholders and our SHCS colleagues, and our aspirational goals reflect that commitment to excellence.

Ambitions for the 2025–2027 time frame were as individual as our departments and include reducing housing waitlists, helping UBC become a sustainable transportation testbed, financial growth in support of the student experience, and establishing SHCS as an employer of choice among many other bold objectives.

These longer-term aspirations will require significant collaboration across SHCS and with others on campus to achieve.

Next steps

These plans will evolve as our work progresses and the context in which we operate continues to change. Like our People Plan, the 5-Year Plan is a living document, which may be updated and revised periodically to reflect work completed and new opportunities identified. Annual progress will continue to be shared with our community.

Background and context

Early in 2022, SHCS leadership began a process of developing new plans for their units that outlined three-year operational goals and five-year aspirational goals. This work was undertaken to provide focus and support collaboration across SHCS—to the benefit of the UBC community members and groups we serve, our employees, and the broader community.

These plans also fulfill an important commitment made to our teams in our People Plan, and serve to strengthen our place as a leader in the higher education sector. The plans also take into consideration the array of other strategic plans that are important to UBC, with the intention of having the actions we take within SHCS support the success of these plans.

While this 5-year plan document focuses on SHCS operations at UBC Vancouver, a similar but separate roadmap is being developed for SHCS at UBC Okanagan.

Progress update—2023

Throughout 2023, we made significant progress toward actions identified in the 5-year plan. Please download our progress update to find out what we accomplished.