Build Connection and Community

Three focus areas

Within Theme 2, the following three focus areas emerged as important to employees across SHCS.

Connection and Community

Internal Communications

Inclusive and Respectful Culture

Connection and community

Our commitment is to increase the integration and connection of people within SHCS, both within and between departments, to foster an increase in our sense of community and belonging.

Why this matters

SHCS employees shared that they often feel separate from other departments and want to be more connected to them, both professionally and personally. There are many benefits to increasing our sense of connection throughout the organization, including more efficient and meaningful communications throughout SHCS, an increased experience of respect and connection, and improved levels of morale and engagement.


  • New: Develop a structure/program for cross-departmental interaction at diverse levels of the organization.
  • New: Assess the structure and plan for SHCS-wide/departmental annual staff appreciation and recognition events.
  • Complete and ongoing: Identify opportunities for departmental and cross-departmental interactions that support both interpersonal and organizational needs.
  • Complete and ongoing: Increase participation in workplace enhancement programs like the SHCS Outstanding Workplace Committee (OWC).

Your voice in action

In SHCS, do you have a group, community, or social circle where you feel you belong?


61% of employees answered yes.


Our goal for SHCS is 80%.

Source: SHCS employee survey, 2023. Results include employees from both campuses (UBCV: 62% / UBCO: 60%). 2019 results: 72% of employees answered yes.

Internal communications

Internal communications occurs at all levels of the organization – everything from peer-to-peer discussions and quick standup meetings to employee feedback opportunities and SHCS-wide emails and newsletters.

Our commitment is to develop stronger and more effective internal communication processes to help make information about our workplace flow seamlessly, keeping everyone informed, included, and set up to do their best work.

Why this matters

Receiving and delivering timely work-related information improves the workplace experience for everyone, enhancing engagement, building connection and belonging, fostering collaboration, and increasing efficiency and effectiveness.


  • New: Introduce twice-annual all-SHCS staff town halls.
  • Complete: Identify communications processes that are working well and identify where there are gaps both within departments and across SHCS.
  • Complete: Define, develop, and implement an SHCS-wide communications approach.
  • In progress: Define, develop, and implement department-specific communication approaches and channels.

Your voice in action

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate internal communications in SHCS?

Employees rated internal communications in SHCS 6.8 out of 10.

Our goal for SHCS is 8 out of 10.

Source: SHCS employee survey, 2023 Results include employees from both campuses (UBCV: 6.8 / UBCO: 6.2). 2019 results: employees rated internal communications in SHCS 6.6 out of 10.

Inclusive and respectful culture

Our commitment is to advance an inclusive and respectful culture that supports each person in SHCS and provides recognition for important contributions at all levels of the organization.

Why this matters

Greater inclusivity and respect helps improve communication, understanding, and teamwork; it fosters a workplace that embraces diversity; it supports a culture of fairness and equity. Meaningful and authentic recognition of employee contributions helps each of us feel appreciated and valued – essential to an outstanding workplace.


  • Ongoing: Develop and implement strategies to create greater equity, inclusion, and respect – along with increased mental health literacy.
  • Complete: Examine and introduce new programs to recognize and reward people for their important contributions.

Your voice in action

Do you feel valued at work?


62.5% of employees answered agree or strongly agree.


Our goal for SHCS is 80%.

Source: SHCS employee survey, 2023. Results include employees from both campuses (UBCV: 65% / UBCO: 60%). 2019 results: 60% of employees answered yes.

Shared Vision and Strategic Alignment

How are we going to come together in pursuit of a common purpose?

Develop and Engage our People

How are we going to develop as individuals and as an organization?

What will SHCS look like in 2025?

  • Each of us has the tools and resources to support our career development.
  • Succession planning, coaching, and mentoring are an embedded part of our culture.
  • We are an employer of choice in the BC Lower Mainland with an exceptional recruitment strategy and process.
  • Staff stay with SHCS. Through improved onboarding processes, we increase or employee retention.