Welcome to SHCS!

Student Housing and Community Services (SHCS) provides essential and outstanding campus resources that support and enhance UBC.

We’ll be adding more info for new SHCS staff to this page over time. For now, here are some key resources.


UBC HR Orientation Website

Everything new staff need to know to get the best start at UBC.

Required Training

Now that you’re part of UBC, you need to complete some mandatory training, which is mainly focused on safety. If you have any questions, please reach out to your supervisor.

All SHCS Staff

Required training for all new UBC/SHCS staff.

New Worker Safety

Workplace Violence Prevention

Preventing & Addressing Bullying & Harassment

SHCS Staff who access UBC electronic information systems

If you will be using computers or other devices to access UBC digital records or information systems, please also complete the Privacy and Information Security Fundamentals Training.

Privacy & Information Security Fundamentals: Part 1

Privacy and Information Security Fundamentals: Part 2


If you will be supervising or managing staff as part of your role, you must also complete this Safety Supervision at UBC training course.

Safety Supervision at UBC


Please ask your supervisor or manager if you have any questions about these mandatory training courses.