Your SHCS. Your plan.

How we got here

The process to create the SHCS People Plan began in August 2019, with a number of opportunities for SHCS employees to share their voices through one-to-one conversations, an anonymous survey, which received a strong 48% response rate, and facilitated group discussions. Results from the 2017 UBC Workplace Engagement Survey (WES) were also taken into account.

Participants provided candid, thoughtful and valuable insights, enabling the development of this plan, which is designed to address the feedback communicated during that important listening process. From those conversations and feedback processes, three primary themes, that are presented below, emerged.

Where we’re going

Aligned with and reflecting many aspects of the UBC Focus on People framework, the SHCS People Plan provides a road map for our journey towards a more exceptional workplace.

In SHCS, we strive to develop and nurture an environment where each colleague is valued, supported, and recognized for their distinct contributions. Our aim is to shape a workplace experience that allows every employee to say, without hesitation, that they are proud of the work they do in SHCS and the positive contributions they make to the UBC community.

Three themes

The following three themes emerged from our conversations and collaborations with employees. They guided the development of the SHCS People Plan and will continue to inform how we develop as an organization and a community over the next five years.

Create a Shared Vision and Strategic Alignment

Build Connection and Community

Develop and Engage our People

Explore the themes

Together, how will we make our workplace even better?

Progress update—2022

Throughout 2022, we made significant additional progress toward actions identified in the People Plan. Please visit our progress update to find out what we accomplished this past year.

A dynamic and evolving plan

Our work and our workplace is constantly evolving. Similarly, the SHCS People Plan is a dynamic and evolving document, and we will improve, enhance, and modify it over the 5-year period to meet emerging needs and respond to changes in our workplace.

Meeting our goals, anticipating emerging needs, and achieving our vision for an exceptional workplace will require the effort and ongoing attention of everyone in SHCS – in addition to a commitment to continuous improvement, feedback, and two-way communication.

To help keep each of you informed, engaged and empowered, SHCS leadership will continue to report regularly on our successes, challenges and progress throughout 2020-2025. We won’t achieve everything in the plan overnight, but together, over the next 5 years, we can steadily work towards these goals, whether SHCS-wide or department-specific.

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