Develop and Engage our People

Three focus areas

Within Theme 3, the following three focus areas emerged as important to employees across SHCS.

Recruitment, Orientation, and Training

Career Development

Thriving and Effective Leaders

Recruitment, orientation, and training

Our commitment is to build exceptional employee recruitment, orientation, and training programs.

Why this matters

People bring the most value to what we do in SHCS and at UBC. High quality recruitment, orientation, and training programs are vital to attracting and hiring great employees, setting them up for success in their roles, and retaining them after those crucial first days, weeks, and months of their new job.


  • Complete for some areas; in progress for other areas: Review recruitment, orientation, and training programs at the unit-level (SHCS) and department-level (e.g., Food Services, Bookstore, etc.) and address any gaps and opportunities.
  • In progress: Create new training programs/courses and leverage existing ones to support employee development.

Your voice in action

“I would like to see our overall training program become more effective and engaging for all in SHCS. I believe we are making some baby steps in that direction already and I look forward to seeing where we can take this.” — SHCS employee survey 2023 participant

Career development

Our commitment is to support our people in the development and progress of their careers.

Why this matters

To retain our high quality employees, we need to help them develop their skills and abilities, rise through the ranks, and achieve their career goals, right here in SHCS. Providing effective career development resources and programs for employees and for managers/supervisors alike helps us do that.


  • Complete: Review the current organizational structure to ensure that management levels are appropriately-sized.
  • In progress: Establish succession planning approaches and processes.
  • In progress: Support supervisors and managers to have career progression discussions with their staff.

Your voice in action

In the last six months, did your supervisor talk to you about your progress?


44% of employees answered yes (agree/strongly agree).


Our updated goal for SHCS is 70%.

Source: SHCS employee survey, 2023. Results include employees from both campuses (UBCV: 49% / UBCO: 39%). 2019 results: 55% of employees answered yes (agree / strongly agree).

Thriving and effective leaders

Leaders exist at all levels of the organization, whether or not leadership is an official part of their role or title. We are committed to strengthening the quality and the capabilities of all of our leaders.

Why this matters

Thriving and effective leadership results in a high-functioning workplace for all of us. How leaders operate, the priorities they set, and the culture they foster impacts us all, whether directly or indirectly. Success at the leadership level translates to long-term success for our operations and for each of us.


  • New: Implement a cross-departmental peer mentorship program.
  • In progress: Create and implement a coaching and mentoring framework for current and future leaders.
  • In progress: Embed processes (informal and formal) for employees to provide feedback on SHCS leadership.
  • In progress: Provide support for managers to effectively assess and support employee performance.

Your voice in action

Do you feel that your supervisor encourages your development?


66% of staff felt that their supervisor encourages their development.


Our goal for SHCS is 80%.

Source: SHCS employee survey, 2023. Results include employees from both campuses (UBCV: 66% / UBCO: 66%). 2019 results: 62% of employees felt that their supervisor encouraged their development.

Build Connection and Community

How are we going to build enhanced connections and community in SHCS?

Progress Update

Find out what progress we made in 2023 toward the actions outlined in the People Plan.

What will SHCS look like in 2025?

  • Scheduling is streamlined and efficient.
  • We have a clear overview of projects and initiatives across SHCS.
  • The wellbeing of our people is central to our culture.
  • We meet or exceed UBC’s targets on inclusion, diversity, and equity.