c̓əsnaʔəm House

Welcome! We’re excited to assist you with your projects to the very best of our abilities. We develop and implement communication and marketing plans, build and grow brands, drive revenue and awareness, and enrich the overall campus experience.

Typical SHCS MarCom Projects
  • Campaigns with multi-channel deliverables and measurable results
  • Digital materials, including websites, social media, blogs, videos and emails
  • Print materials, including brochures, magazines, posters, postcards, signage and decals
  • Branding (or rebranding) locations, products and services
  • Reputation and feedback management
  • Communications and marketing strategy and planning
  • Crisis communications
  • Media relations
  • Internal communications
  • Event marketing and promotion


Fun Facts! We’ve won 7 industry awards in the last five years, including first prize at BCAMA’s Marketing Awards for excellence in experiential marketing. We manage numerous websites with over a million unique visitors annually. Our @ubcfoodie Instagram channel is one of the largest at UBC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a request for assistance?

Send us your request through the handy MarCom Project Request Form and we’ll get back to you with next steps.

What are typical steps and timelines in a project?

Once we receive your request, we’ll assess it and get back to you with next steps.

Typical Overall Timelines:
One Year: Large websites, branding or rebranding projects
6 Months: Single-unit websites, branding or rebranding projects
3 Months: Large campaigns, magazines, large events
2 Months: Medium campaigns and events, single-channel deliverables
1 Month: Small campaigns and events with 1-3 simple deliverables
2 Weeks: Minimum turnover window for small marketing requests. Window begins when all content required for the project’s completion has been received.

Typical Printing Timelines:
Poster/Postcard:  2 days quoting | 4+ days printing
Small Brochure/Menu:  2 days quoting | 7+ days printing
Large Magazine: 3 days quoting | 14+ days printing

What Could Cause my Project to be Delayed?
  • Missing or incorrect information
  • Delayed responses to emails for approval
  • Excessive edits or late-stage changes (more than 3 rounds of approval)
  • Supplier delays or mishaps
  • Unrealistic deadline
How early should I involve Marcom in my project?

Engage us early, before the project is too defined. We’ll be able to bring our strategic expertise to the table at the forefront and improve the overall project. Plus we’ll have a better chance of fitting the project into our schedule and hitting your deadline.

What happens if you are not able to work on my project?

Your options include:

  • Delay or cancel project
  • We may be able to outsource to a preferred creative supplier, and bill the costs back to you
  • Outsource project without our assistance (not recommended)

Typical reasons for not being able to assist you:

  • Lack of capacity due to previously scheduled and/or higher priority projects
  • Project doesn’t align with our roles and responsibilities
  • Project doesn’t align with our mandate to support SHCS business goals
  • Unrealistic deadlines
  • Project is not a SHCS project

Our busiest months are May to September. We may not be able to fit in non-critical projects during this period.

We’re planning to meet to discuss our project with you. How should I prepare?

Considerations you should think about before meeting with SHCS MarCom:
– What is your marketing objective?
– What do you want your project to accomplish? How will we measure success?
– Who is your communications directed toward and what action do you want from the audience?
– When does the project need to be completed? Is your deadline realistic?
– What kinds of tactics are you interested in and can you afford?
– How does your project reflect the strategic goals of UBC and/or SHCS?
– If specific artwork or logos need to be used, supply artwork with confirmation that we have permission to use it.
– Provide text (or key messages), or edits made within a PDF document for an existing piece.