Accommodation in the West Coast Suites.

Jennifer Lemche is the Rooms Manager for our Conferences and Accommodation (C&A) department in SHCS, which operates year-round and summer hotel, hostel and group accommodation offerings, plus a major group, event and conference business that brings thousands of participants and delegates to campus every year.

Could you tell me a bit about your role with Conferences and Accommodation?

I am one of two Rooms Managers for C&A. My specific role is to manage the Reservations Office and Front Desk operations, oversee our winter and summer staff, and direct our guest services program.

Which of your department’s teams are currently working on-campus?

Our Housekeeping, Front Desk and Housestaff/Nightstaff departments are all still working on campus.

How has the C&A team’s work changed since COVID-19?

A lot of things have changed for the C&A team over the last few months! May is usually a very busy month for us when we would be gearing up for our summer season, training our summer staff, opening up several front desks and welcoming a variety of groups and conferences to campus. This is usually a time when the office is buzzing with activity. Due to COVID-19, most of our team is working from home and we are only running the front desk at Gage. In addition to our quiet start to the summer, we have introduced physical distancing measures and enhanced cleaning protocols to ensure the safety of our staff and guests.

How does it feel to be providing such important services to C&A guests during this time?

C&A is a customer service-focused department and it is rewarding to know that we are providing a home away from home to those who need it, especially during these challenging times. We are also happy to be supporting our campus partners with accommodation and essential services.

Is there anything in particular you and your staff have been doing to keep spirits up?

We continue to recognize the great work that our staff do everyday and acknowledge their commitment and dedication. We also have regular zoom meetings to stay connected and engaged with each other. Project work also keeps us busy and helps to improve our services and the guest experience.

What else would you like us to know about your team?

We’re lucky to have such hard-working individuals who come in each day to provide an essential service and exceptional customer service to our valued guests!