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  • Thank you for nominating one of your SHCS employees for a Hero Award!

    To submit your nomination, please click "next" to proceed through to the nomination form. Click "save and continue later" to save your work and finish up your nomination at another time.

    Who is eligible to nominate?

    Any active (i.e., scheduled and working) SHCS Vancouver supervisor, manager, or director is eligible to nominate another active employee of SHCS who they supervise.

    This eligibility includes staff at all levels of the organization, from Bookstore, Campus Mail, Child Care, Conferences and Accommodation, Facilities and Building Services, Food Services, Parking, Student Housing, or any SHCS support department (IT, Marcom, Purchasing, Finance, Payroll, OHS, and HR, etc.).

    What is the deadline?

    The deadline to submit your nomination is Thursday, November 9, 2023 (11:59 pm)

    Helpful Tip

    Please be as specific as possible in your answers to best identify why your nominee is uniquely qualified.


    Please review the awards program information, which includes contact information if your question is not answered there.