Congratulations to these SHCS staff on retiring, and thank you to each of them for their dedication to UBC throughout their careers.

Arj Jordan

Alice Chow

Food Services

Alice’s last day at UBC is January 1, 2023. 
Congratulations, Alice, on your 37 extraordinary years at UBC! 

“I would like to thank UBC for all the great opportunities I have had as an employee. I have enjoyed working with and learning from my colleagues for the last 37 years and am ready to move on to the next phase if my life.”

— Alice Chow

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“When Alice began with UBC at Starbucks, she found her second home. Alice loved the campus and she gained many friends and Starbucks followers who visited year after year.

“We are grateful for Alice’s contribution over her tender at UBC—for every shift and impact made on each and every student.”

— Connie Lay, Retail Rood Services Manager

Meenu Joseph

Meenu Joseph

Food Services

Meenu’s last day at UBC is January 1, 2023.
Congratulations, Meenu, on your 14 fantastic years at UBC!

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“Meenu Joseph has been a key member of our garde manger team for 14 years. Her artistry and attention to detail in creating beautiful and delicious salads, sandwiches and appetizer platters has pleased so many of our guests. When Meenu first joined UBC, she may not have had a wealth of experience, but over the years she has become a well-respected model for our new cooks.

“Meenu, we wish you a happy and well-deserved retirement, with plenty of time to enjoy with your family. You will always be remembered for your dedication in the kitchen and for the positive influence you have had on those around you. Your contributions to UBC Food Services and our team will not be forgotten.”

— Andy Chan, Executive Sous Chef, Catering, Restaurants and Retail

Eugenia de Jesus

Eugenia de Jesus

Facilities and Building Services

Eugenia’s last day at UBC is January 31, 2023.
Congratulations, Eugenia, on your 22 incredible years at UBC!

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“Eugenia worked with our department from December 2000 to January 2023. During her long career in student housing, she worked at Acadia Park, Walter Gage and the hotel, and she spent many years at Ritsumeikan-UBC House. A friend to many staff, Eugenia is also an outstanding cook; she has catered many community events and makes the best BBQ sauce that you have ever tasted. She even brought all the food to her retirement party—enough for 75 people!

“We will miss Eugenia’s consistency and her attention to detail in her residence and hotel work. Always respectful and kind, friendly and helpful, we all wish Eugenia a healthy and relaxing retirement.”

— Mahara Silva, Building Services Manager, Facilities and Building Services