Some of the basics, plus hot tips, for making your commute to UBC as smooth as possible.

1. Know your options

Check out for everything you need to know about getting to, from, and around campus. For example, did you know there’s a Surrey-to-UBC shuttle called the Beyond Shuttle? How about the Emergency Ride Home Program?

2. Plan ahead

Figure out your route and have a backup. Google maps, Apple maps, apps like Transit, and the Vancouver cycling map are all great starts. Factor in on-campus construction projects and road closures.

3. Check the weather & road conditions

Are the roads slippery? What’s visibility like? Do I need an umbrella and rain boots? A solid Google search will probably get you there, but here are some key resources:

4. Travel with a friend

Have a colleague heading the same way? Split the bills and share the ride. You can add up to five vehicles to a permit on your Parking Account so you can alternate who drives!

5. Grab a car2go. Or a Modo. Or a Zipcar. Or an Evo.

You get the idea! There are options for using all four of Vancouver’s car share services to and from UBC.

6. Switch four wheels for two

When it’s nice out, pump up those bike tires and ride to work. You know, when there’s a little less snow on the road—like in May, during Bike to Work Week.

7. Going electric?

Find out where the electric vehicle charging stations are at UBC.

Bonus Tip!

If you’d rather ditch the commute altogether, consider living on campus. UBC has approximately 500 rental housing units on campus for staff and faculty. LEARN MORE >

Plus in the not-so-distant future, your commute might involve more skytrain! 🚝