In August, we said goodbye to Pacific Spirit Place (PSP) in the old SUB. PSP was home to many SHHS staff over the years and is filled with memories.

PSP was home to a Starbucks, Subway, A&W, Pizza Pizza, Simply Pasta, ManchuWok, Koya, and a Pho Noodle Bar. Most recently, it was managed by Sherman Kong, Manager, Retail Operations, UBC Food Services, who sent us a brief testimonial, plus a few pictures of PSP before the crews moved in to renovate.

As I walk through these hallowed halls and areas, I wonder about all the memories, conversations, friendships, and encounters that Pacific Spirit Place has embedded in its walls…

…Pacific Spirit place will always have a special place in all of our hearts at UBC, and Sam, I thank you for having the faith in me to operate this unit when Fred Cheng retired. Let us cherish the past and look ahead to a bright, exciting future on Student Union Boulevard. PSP, it’s been a slice… – Sherman Kong

The old SUB is currently undergoing renovations and when it re-opens in Summer 2017 as the Student Life Building, it will feature a brand new UBC Food Services-operated Starbucks, Subway and Booster Juice.

PSP Fun Fact 1: Word on the street is that PSP was once managed by Andrew Parr, Managing Director, SHHS.

PSP Fun Fact 2: PSP was transformed into a welcome centre for the 2010 Winter Olympics!