Hero Coffee + Market

This month we welcomed Hero Coffee + Market to the SHHS family. Hero officially opened on February 6 in Orchard Commons and has quickly become a hotspot for Orchard residents, students across campus, and the university community.

Below, read our Q&A with Carmina Reg, one of the supervisors at Hero.

Plus, check out a photo gallery from Hero’s opening day!

Q&A: Carmina Reg, Supervisor, Hero Coffee + Market

Carmina Reg (in Rome, Italy)

Where did you work before joining the Hero team?

I started working as a Sales Attendant in Open Kitchen in September. Before that I was with Whole Foods in London, UK.

What do you most look forward to about working at Hero?

The challenge – and being part of a new and exciting team!

Hero is focused on pour-over coffee. What do you love about that?

The smell of fresh coffee when brewed by hand. I love seeing the ground beans bloom when hot water is poured in.

What is your favourite roast at Hero?

My favoured is Peru Penachi. I’m not a fan of strong coffee, and Peru Penachi has a medium body with notes of dried fruits and a sweet finish. It’s perfect for me.

What bakery item at Hero are you most excited about sharing with customers?

I would say the Cartems donuts, which are moist and lovely. Pure heaven!

Where did you drink your most memorable coffee?

In this tiny local café bar in Venice, Italy, where the walls are lined with bottles of alcohol and there are no seats. Coffee is meant to be downed standing up there! I had an espresso, which they call “un café.”

When you’re not at Hero, what are you most likely to be found doing?

Searching for the next best pastry shop in town.

Hero Coffee + Market Opening Day | Photo Gallery