Mike Cheung, Walter Gage RLMMike Cheung – Residence Life Manager, Walter Gage Residence – was recognized internationally as the Residence Life Staff Member of the Month for April 2016 by the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH).

While it is not rare for one of our Residence Life Managers to win a campus or regional level award, it is rare for one to be recognized at NACURH’s international level. This award is wonderful recognition for Mike, who has quickly distinguished himself as a leader, team player, and valued colleague. In particular, Mike was recognized for his enthusiasm for helping out his colleagues and for his ability to thrive in challenging situations.

Of the many things Mike does to make UBC a better place for students and for his staff and colleagues, Mike is always willing to jump in to lend a hand, take extra shifts, or find a novel way to acknowledge everyone’s hard work. In his first year as RLM, he executed a very successful move out for 1,800 residents and planned for the opening of a new building in his area. Despite all the challenges of his first move out, he took the extra time to write personal notes to all of his staff and colleagues. He also offered to watch over a residence foyer until 3:00am one night to ensure the safety of the residence, and he was up bright and early the next morning to help a colleague place door tags for a year-round residence opening.

Mike is a joy to work with and his passion for his work is evident in his dedication and responsiveness. He is incredibly organized and has been known to say, “If I can do it in less than two minutes, I just do it. No time like the present!”

Congratulations Mike!

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