We are pleased to announce the creation of the SHHS Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (SHHS JOHSC), which began operating on April 24, 2017.

What does the committee do?

The committee’s role is to review incidents and safety-related concerns from within SHHS and to make recommendations that will increase safety for SHHS staff.

The SHHS JOHSC is supported by a set of four local safety working groups that are currently being developed and implemented.

Who is on the committee?

The most important aspect of the JOHSC is that it is a joint committee, which means it has both employee and employer members. This committee is such a vital priority for SHHS that Andrew Parr, Managing Director, mandated that each of the unit directors sit on the JOHSC. Additionally, there are employee representatives from each unit.


Employer Members

  • Allan De Jong, Conferences & Accommodation
  • Colin Moore, Food Services
  • Darcelle Cottons, Child Care Services
  • David Kiloh, Facilities and Building Services
  • Janice Robinson, Residence Life and Administration

Employee Members

    • Emma Atillo, Facilities and Building Services
    • Romula Garcia, Facilities and Building Services
    • Paul Trites, Facilities and Building Services
    • Rob Harley, Facilities and Building Services
    • Eric Fischer, Facilities and Building Services
    • Lee McArthur, Child Care Services
    • Barbara Undurraga, Child Care Services
    • Erin Bowman, Child Care Services
    • Philip Wong, Food Services
    • Susan Kelly, Food Services
    • Fani Ziskos, Food Services
    • Nickli Mateus, Food Services
    • Karen Woodford, Residence Life and Administration
    • Tom Higuchi, Residence Life and Administration
    • Michael Chow, Residence Life and Administration
    • Sasha Rhodes, Conferences & Accommodation

Why was it created?

The SHHS JOHSC was created as part of a broader change across campus to the structure of safety management – to create a stronger internal responsibility system. Previously, safety reports and recommendations were primarily addressed through a central safety committee, the University Health Safety Committee (UHSC). However, in coordination with WorkSafeBC, it was determined that the university would be better served by a structure of departmentally-embedded joint safety committees.

Importantly, SHHS was one of the first two groups on campus to establish a JOHSC (go us!). There are a number of committees still to be formed in addition to the original UHSC (which will continue to review incidents and recommendations that fall outside of the purview of the new JOHSC’s).

How does it help make me safer at work?

Our JOHSC fundamentally makes us a more nimble and accountable organization, and there will be a much more efficient and responsive feedback-loop from review to recommendation to action. What that means is that when an incident or a safety concern is reported, your local safety working groups and the SHHS JOHSC will be able to promptly review cases and make recommendations to SHHS on how to improve safety going forward. Plus, unit directors, managers, and supervisors will be accountable to take action on the committee’s recommendations.

Additionally, the JOHSC will also ensure a much clearer line of communication back to employees about recommendations and action regarding safety incidents and concerns.

Does it change how I report accidents or safety concerns?

No. The way to report accidents, incidents, or safety concerns is through your direct supervisor. Managers and supervisors will be provided with a clear procedure for reporting to their local safety working group and the JOHSC.

Is safety my responsibility?

Yes, safety is everybody’s responsibility. We encourage you to review the safety policy that was distributed on January 5, 2017, which outlines the responsibilities of:

  • SHHS leadership
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Workers


 Questions about the committee?

If you have any questions about the committee, please feel free to contact Risk Management Services:

Learn more about the role of Joint Health & Safety Committees at WorkSafeBC.

Learn more about UBC’s safety committees at Risk Management Services.