25, 35, 40 Year Club Members

Congratulations to these SHCS staff on retiring, and thank you to each of them for their dedication to UBC throughout their careers.

Arj Jordan

Kin Tung Ho

UBC Bookstore

Kin’s last day at UBC was December 31, 2021.
Congratulations, Kin, on your 15 fantastic years at UBC!

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“Kin was a very instrumental part of the warehouse operations, his main focus was to monitor, control and re-stock all food inventory into the bookstore’s Corner Store, Sauder location, and all other satellite stores run by UBC Bookstore.”

—Rodolfo Calero, Operations Manager, Bookstore and Campus Mail

Eric Chen

Food Services

Eric’s last day at UBC was January 1, 2022.
Congratulations, Eric, on your 10 amazing years at UBC!

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“Eric was a great addition to the culinary team. No matter what cuisine curveball we threw at him, he would embrace the challenge. Demonstrate to him once how to do something and he could repeat it with precision. Quiet and unassuming, Eric was always happy to help wherever he was needed.

“Never one to shirk the heavy lifting, Eric believed in staying fit. He used household chores and gardening to stay in good shape. A proud father of sons, family is everything to Eric. He is now needed at home to support his aging mother. Although he is saying goodbye to his UBC Food Services family, it is only because his real family needs him more.”

—Rene Atkinson, Residence Dining Manager

Arj Jordan

Al Cheung

UBC Bookstore

Al’s last day at UBC was January 31, 2022.
Congratulations, Al, on your 40 remarkable years at UBC!

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“In June 1981, Al joined the UBC Bookstore warehouse team as a warehouse order processor, and he has been a great asset to the team ever since. Most recently, Al took on a key role helping the Bookstore run the clothing and general merchandise processing department.”

— Rodolfo Calero, Operations Manager, Bookstore and Campus Mail

Arj Jordan

Marileen Herriot

UBC Bookstore

Marileen’s last day at UBC was January 31, 2022.
Congratulations, Marileen, on your 42 remarkable years at UBC!

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“Marileen is a long serving employee of the Bookstore, she has been through many changes including three major store renovations. Marileen was a big part of the “new” UBC Bookstore opening in 1982 and been a big part of the clothing department and its success.”

— Rodolfo Calero, Operations Manager, Bookstore and Campus Mail

Arj Jordan

Madeleine Postalis

Food Services

Madeleine’s last day at UBC was February 1, 2022.
Congratulations, Madeleine, on your 31 incredible years at UBC!

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“Madeleine joined UBC Food Services as a General Worker Light on August 30, 1990 and changed classifications to a Sales Attendant in July 2000. She took her job very seriously, got the job done right, and most importantly she cared for all of the guests that she served in our residence dining rooms. During the summer conference seasons, she was always assigned as a door keeper/greeter because she was so great at it. Madeleine also worked for our Retail division at Harvest last summer. 

“Also a very talented jewelry maker, Madeleine has a great sense of humour and makes everyone laugh. After all these years, she has maintained a very high standard and takes pride in her work.

“We wish her all the best and she will be missed!”

— Jane Sunwoo, Manager, Residence Dining

David Ho

Facilities & Building Services

David’s last day at UBC is March 1, 2022.
Congratulations, David, on your 14 fantastic years at UBC!

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“David has worked with Building Services since 2007 as a valued Service Worker. He is known for always collaborating with his co-workers, his pleasant attitude in the workplace, and friendliness with residents. He provides excellent service to our residents and often gets compliments on his work. David Ho spent many years working mostly in Totem Park and Acadia Park residences. He plans to enjoy being at home when he retires and spending time playing badminton.”

—Johanna Webber, Associate Director, Building Services 

Norma Rudd


Norma’s last day at UBC was December 20, 2021.
Congratulations, Norma, on your 19 fantastic years at UBC!

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“As some of you probably know already, Norma, who joined UBC in the late Fall of 2002, is retiring. It is very bittersweet to say goodbye; but I am very happy that Norma is leaving to enjoy this next chapter in her life.

“My first memories of Norma back when Parking was in GSAB were (and continue to be) of a bubbly person who’s stature may have been petite, but who’s smile, laugh, and general positivity were huge. There just didn’t seem to be much that could derail Norma, even some very challenging situations and the unstoppable Vancouver rain. 

“Norma: thank you for the 20 years of service to the department and to UBC. It’s been a crazy journey at times and I really appreciate all your hard work, dedication, and persistence. We may have been deprived of your presence in the last little while, but I hope that once things settle down we’ll see you back on campus. There will always be a hot drink and a warm welcome for you back at UBC. 

“Have a truly wonderful retirement – though I’m sure that like many retirees, you’ll be busier than ever. Very best wishes.”

— Brian Jones, Director, Parking

Sumana Indrasiri Wanigasuriyage Dona

Food Services

Sumana’s last day at UBC was January 1, 2022.
Congratulations, Sumana, on your 9 excellent years at UBC!

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“A member of the GWH team, Sumana has worked at all three residence dining rooms. Her love for bright colours is always a happy sign of her arrival at work. Deeply engaged in her heritage, Sumana has a wide network of friends and relatives that she stays in touch with around the globe. While her lengthy commute means that she gets less time with her immediate family, she hopes to change that with her early retirement. Always ready with a friendly smile and a willing attitude, Sumana will be missed by her managers and coworkers.”

—Loriann McGowan, Associate Director, Residence Dining

Evangeline Vargas

Food Services

Evangeline’s last day at UBC was January 28, 2022.
Congratulations, Evangeline, on your 17 amazing years at UBC!

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“Evangeline joined UBC Food Services on the recommendation of a couple of sisters that were already in our employment, and we happily had her join the team! Evangeline’s quiet nature made her a staff favourite, since she was always willing to come alongside and work together as a team to get the job done. Plus, she was always ready with a quick, pleasant smile and greeting for each guest she served.

“Evangeline supported residence dining during the academic year and during the summer conference season, where she was a house parent to our many international visitors. A deeply religious person, Evangeline combined her love of travel and her faith to make many pilgrimages both in Europe and Asia. She looks forward to renewing her health, so that she may embark on these adventures again, with a few friends and sisters beside her.”

—Loriann McGowan, Associate Director, Residence Dining

Scott Usher


Scott’s last day at UBC will be February 10, 2022.
Congratulations, Scott, on your 28 outstanding years at UBC!

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“After 26 years, Scott is retiring from UBC after spending most of his career working as Storekeeper in the Zoology Department, where unfortunately he had a back injury and needed a lengthy time off to recover. Coming back to UBC, that role was no longer an option, so Scott transferred to Parking where he jumped in with both feet and learned all about what we do. Many people would have struggled with such a big change at that stage of a career, but Scott embraced and adapted to his new role, team, and environment. 

Scott: we wish you nothing but the best for your retirement, which we know will be filled with all kinds of activities and is guaranteed to be anything but slow and boring. We hope that you find time for your passion for music, balanced with the slower life at Cultus Lake. Enjoy the next chapters, be well, and may your retirement be long and healthy.”

—Brian Jones, Director, Parking

Vicky Vasiliadis

Food Services

Vicky’s last day at UBC was February 17, 2022.
Congratulations, Vicky, on your 20 fantastic years at UBC!

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“Vicky Vasiliadis joined Food Services as a Sales Attendant in September 2001. She quickly learned her role and over the years, she helped many students while working at Gather, Feast and Open Kitchen. She was kind and caring to the students but strict – just like a mom!

“Vicky also assisted our international visitors during the summer conference season and helped in many major events on campus. Her bright smile and pleasant attitude made her a favourite among her peers, as she was always quick to help and get the job done. Vicky is looking forward to retirement, where she intends to focus on her health and, being very family-oriented, continue to spend time with her beloved grandchildren.

“Also very active in her community, Vicky helps with major holiday events at the Greek Community Centre. We wish Vicky all the best in her new chapter and will miss her!”

— Loriann McGowan, Associate Director, Residence Dining