25, 35, 40 Year Club Members

Congratulations to the two SHCS employees who were recently inducted into UBC’s 25 Year Club and to those who were also recognized for their 35 or 40 years of service to UBC.

25 Year Club

Cheryl Hildebrand

Server, Food Services

Congratulations, Cheryl, on your 25 years at UBC!

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“Cheryl Hildebrand started with UBC on May 4, 1996, and since that time she has worked for our catering services, including UBC Catering, Wescadia and Scholar’s Catering. Several years ago she also started working in the film industry and she continues to balance both jobs. Familiar with all our venues across campus, Cheryl is very diligent in her work. With her notable commitment to high standards, she is often asked to train new staff. Her coworkers have stated that she is very hardworking and that she is an excellent resource for the catering team. Cheryl is dependable and knowledgeable about every type of event she supports – from casual outdoor barbecues to formal dinners at the President’s house. Thank you, Cheryl, for your 25 years of excellent service to UBC.”

— Kerensa Wotton, Manager, Residence Dining

Susan Rootman

Administrative Assistant, Child Care Services

Congratulations, Susan, on your 25 years at UBC!

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“Susan was born in Winnipeg and moved to Vancouver to escape the cold Manitoba winters to find a home where she can use her bike all year round!

Susan joined UBC in 1996 in the department of Forestry where she spent 15 years as their administrative assistant. Over the next 10 years, Susan has spent time in various departments including Microbiology and Immunology, Department of Surgery, Undergraduate Admissions and the Quantum Matter Institute. In March of this year, Susan joined the Child Care Services family as their Financial Processing Specialist and is often the first friendly face families see when stopping by our main office to inquire about enrolling their children in UBC Child Care. However, Susan is not new to Child Care Services as her son Joshua attended one of our toddler programs when he was young.

Susan has provided a broad scope of administrative support across UBC throughout her 25 years. She is in her element when speaking with families and ensuring ledgers are properly reconciled. Susan is always quick to catch any accounts that are missing expected transfers of funds.

When Susan is not assisting our many families and supporting the CCS team, you might see her doing laps in the pool at Hillcrest, riding her bike around Vancouver or perfecting her downward dog at one her favourite yoga studios!”

— Joel Kobylka, Associate Director, Operations

35 Year Club

Allan de Jong

General Manager, Conferences & Accommodation 

Congratulations, Allan, on your 35 years at UBC!

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“Allan started working at UBC 35 years ago on April 28 while he was a student studying in the then Faculty of Commerce. He was a Student Advisor providing support to other students during the school term and held a summer position in the Conference Centre. Upon graduation in 1989, Allan took a full-time position at Conferences and Accommodation and was promoted to his current position as the General Manager in 1994.

He is the proud father of three boys and a cat named Hank. His oldest son Harrison is a graduate of UVic with a degree in Physics, his middle son Ethan currently plays college hockey for the mighty Quinnipiac Bobcats, and his youngest son Richard is a High School Senior.

After years of driving responsible conservative sedans, Allan is slowly returning to his country roots with the purchase of his Dodge Ram Diesel 1500 truck which allows Allan to pursue his numerous Home Renovation projects. Friends that stop by Allan’s house are often treated to a variety of smoked meats off the backyard smoker, along with a sommelier recommended red wine in an affordable price range. As an offset to his diesel pick up, Allan recently purchased an electric bike for his commute to UBC in order to better the environment and his physical self!

Allan is a hospitality specialist; under his leadership, Conferences and Accommodation provides outstanding service to the many conferences, camps, and academic and cultural events that happen at UBC and to our thousands of hostel and hotel guests, enhancing UBC’s reputation internationally and driving activity and revenue to UBC.

Thank you, Allan, for your 35 years of excellent service to UBC.”

— Andrew Parr, Associate Vice-President, SHCS

Jeff Ellis

Textbook Buyer, UBC Bookstore

Congratulations, Jeff, on your 35 years at UBC!

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“Jeff started at the Bookstore in July 1986 as rush help in the warehouse. Since then, Jeff has worked in central supplies (now known as departmental sales), the computer shop, and as a buyer for the computer department. Two years ago Jeff joined the course materials department, where he currently works as a course materials buyer. Congratulations Jeff!”

— Jenn Stacey, Course Materials Buyer

Emilio Gonzalez

Bookstore Assistant, UBC Bookstore

Congratulations, Emilio, on your 35 years at UBC!

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“Emilio was Born on Cinco de Mayo in Puerto Rico. He joined the Marines at a young age and was stationed in Hawaii where he met his wife Olive. They have 2 children, Andy and Alison, and 4 grandchildren whom they adore. Emilio enjoys kayaking with his wife just before the sun rises and has a passion for classic cars. His favorite car is the Volkswagen Beetle, which he owned in his younger days. Emilio started working at the Bookstore in 1986 as a Freight Specialist and then moved on to his current position as an Accounts Payable Clerk. Emilio wears his heart on his sleeve and is always going out of his way to help others.”

— Jenny Fuentes, Senior Finance Manager

40 Year Club

Pindy Badyal

Front Desk Service Representative, Residence Life & Administration

Congratulations, Pindy, on your 40 years at UBC!

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“Pindy has spent an incredible 40 years with us as a welcoming, generous, kind, hardworking person. She takes the time to mentor new staff and cares so much about the work that we do with students. Her commitment and dedication to Student Housing is second to none!”

— Carol Young, Associate Director, Residence Life – Service Development & Operations

Alphonsus Cheung

Bookstore Assistant, UBC Bookstore

Congratulations, Al, on your 40 years at UBC!

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“In June 1981, Al joined the UBC Bookstore warehouse team as a warehouse order processor, and he has been a great asset to the team ever since. Most recently, Al took on a key role helping the Bookstore run the clothing and general merchandise processing department. Congratulations Al!”

— Steve Alb, Director, Bookstore and Campus Mail

Peter Devries

Driver, Food Services

Congratulations, Peter, on your 40 years at UBC!

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“Peter has worked at UBC Food Services since 1981 and is a respected member of the driving team. He is happily married to his wife of seven years and is the proud stepfather to Devon, who is now in his fourth year at McGill University. Devon used to write extensive choreography at age 11 and was somehow able to get Peter to dance on the streets of south campus. He has many talents outside of work: he is a talented chess player, a wonderful musician who has played at many UBC events and clubs around town, and a basketball sharp shooter. They called him “Pistol Pete”. Peter is also an avid cyclist, he has cycled to faraway places such a Nunavut and across Europe with his father. Thank you, Peter, for your 40 years of excellent service to UBC.”

— Ed Ng, Production Coordinator

Bruce Mackay

Warehouse Supervisor, UBC Bookstore

Congratulations, Bruce, on your 40 years at UBC!

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“In April 1981, Bruce joined the Bookstore warehouse, as a warehouse order processor. By 1994, he was promoted to Warehouse Supervisor, a role in which he continues to skillfully manage 13 employees – who view Bruce as both a valued mentor and a loyal friend. Congratulations Bruce!”

— Steve Alb, Director, Bookstore and Campus Mail

Gaye Folker 

Front Desk Service Representative, Residence Life & Administration

Congratulations, Gaye, on your 40 years at UBC!

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“Gaye has spent 40 amazing years with us, first in Food Services before joining the Front Desk team. Her calm, steady, kind, and caring presence has made such a difference in the lives of so many residents and staff. Gaye should be proud of her dedication to students for all these years!”

— Carol Young, Associate Director, Residence Life – Service Development & Operations