Congratulations to Linda Yook Nga Fong, an Educator at the Huckleberry infant and toddler program in Child Care Services.

On October 3, 2022, Linda was one of five Early Childhood Educators from across Canada to be awarded a Certificate of Excellence in the Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Education.

From Linda’s recipient bio

“Linda provides a rich and supportive learning environment for children in her care. She has a strong focus on nature-based play and enjoys teaching children about our reciprocal relationship with the land. Linda also places strong emphasis on inclusion and diversity, and strives to incorporate Indigenous learning. As well, Linda is passionate about involving families and the greater community in her work.”

Awards ceremony

On October 3, Linda and her fellow recipients attended an awards ceremony in Ottawa, Ontario, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau presented the Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Education and the Awards for Teaching Excellence.

Watch the full awards segment for Early Childhood Education, including the opening remarks about the category.

“It is difficult to convey Linda’s abilities through words, because what makes her exceptional is not something that is typically validated – e.g., achievements on paper or impacts on policy – but rather the calming effect of her presence and her exquisite ability to connect with young children. She has dedicated her life to education and she is a master of her field.” – Parent