Congratulations to these SHCS staff on retiring, and thank you to each of them for their dedication to UBC throughout their careers.

Arj Jordan

Anh Lam

Facilities & Building Services

Anh’s last day at UBC was October 23, 2022.
Congratulations, Anh, on your 11 amazing years at UBC! 

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“Anh was born in Saigon, Vitenam and moved to Vancouver in 1989, where she and her husband raised two children.

“Whether it’s finding a special new walking route in her neighbourhood or visiting Europe, Anh loves to travel and try new things. Her favourite food is seafood—especially lobster.

“Anh has been a valued member of SHCS since 2011 and will fondly remember her friendly co-workers and cooking her famous noodles for the staff pot luck lunch during the holidays. We will miss Anh in SHCS but wish her all the best in her next adventure.”

— Randy Gvora, Building Service Manager

Arj Jordan

Rich McGrath

Facilities and Building Services

Rich’s last day at UBC will be October 31, 2022.
Congratulations, Rich, on your 40 remarkable years at UBC!

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“After 40 years at UBC, Rich McGrath has made the tough decision to retire. Rich joined SHCS as our Mechanical Subhead for Trades in 2012, after working for 30 years as a Steamfitter in Building Operations.

“In his 10 years with SHCS, Rich was a leader, a mentor, and an inspiration to the team. Never one to say no, he was always eager and available to lend a hand – to any trade – in order to help out or to get the job done. And he was constantly on the go.

“As much as he loved his job, his love for fishing and spending time with his family was a top priority; now, in his retirement, he can enjoy these and more. Rich will very much be missed within SHCS, and as sad as we are to see him go, we wish him absolutely the best in retirement.”

— Andrew Powter, Associate Director, Facilities

Arj Jordan

Romulo (JR) Garcia

Facilities and Building Services

Romulo’s last day at UBC will be October 31, 2022.
Congratulations, Romulo, on your 14 amazing years at UBC!

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“We want to thank Romulo for his time in Building Services. He was a friendly face for residents and staff alike. We also want to thank him for his many years of services as part of the safety team. We wish him lots of bike rides in his retirement and time with his grandchildren.”

— Johanna Webber, Associate Director, Building Services

Arj Jordan

Evereth Basinang

Facilities & Building Services

Evereth’s last day at UBC will be November 12, 2022.
Congratulations, Evereth, on your 27 incredible years at UBC!

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“Evereth Basinang started as a service worker with Building Services in 1995, working with UBC Student Housing as it has grown and change through out his 27 years with the department.

“Evereth was known widely for his dedicated services and willingness to step up to help get the job done ensuring staff, students, and guests had the best experience possible. Whether it was jumping up to help clean an urgent flood, helping his colleagues take on work orders and fixing things, or a laughing in the break room, Evereth was always willing to lend a helping hand and smile to the cause.

“Even outside of work Evereth was willing to help his colleagues as his cheerful and friendly demeanour bulled them into his orbit as friends. He was always willing to lend a hand or even on occasion, drive the opposite direction from work to pick up his peers so they would make it to work on time.

“Evereth’s commitment to service, getting the job done, and his cheerful presence will be greatly missed and he leaves a legacy of hard work, diligence, and team work that will not soon be matched. We wish Evereth the very best in this next stage of his life as he spends his time with his large family sharing with them his passion for karaoke!”

— Lyndon Duncan, Building Service Manager

Arj Jordan

Jose Abad

Facilities & Building Services

Jose’s last day at UBC will be November 12, 2022.
Congratulations, Jose, on your 20 remarkable years at UBC!

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“Jose Abad was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to Vancouver in 1998 and began his career with SHCS. Jose was driven by relationships; he mostly enjoyed the training and the people he met through his years with UBC.

“After being married for 37 years and taking care of 3 children, those caring characteristics showed through his work and were witnessed in how much effort he put into each day. Those qualities are carrying through after retiring as he enjoys taking care of his 2 grandkids. Jose will be missed in SHCS.”

— Johanna Webber, Associate Director, Building Services

Arj Jordan

Joel Dy

Facilities & Building Services

Joel’s last day at UBC will be November 30, 2022.
Congratulations, Joel, on your 17 remarkable years at UBC! 

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“Joel Dy, born in Manila, Philippines, moved to Vancouver in 1995 where he later started working at UBC. Joel is motivated by love and hope, two words he truly believes in.

“In his spare time, you will find him cooking Chinese and Philipino food or donating his used clothes to Big Brother. Joel, also known as “Doctor Dy, Specialist in Floorcare” from his time working at a Children’s hospital, was hard-working and was known for his positive attitude in the workplace and spreading it through his sense of humour to his co-workers.

“Married for 20 years with 4 children, he was able to provide for his family by dedicating 17 years to UBC as a Service Worker. He truly made a big impact on the community with his positive attitude and generosity—you could always count on him to lend a helping hand. Joel Dy will be missed in SHCS, but we have no doubt that his impact will last a lifetime.”

— Johanna Webber, Associate Director, Building Services

Arj Jordan

Jennie Orpen

UBC Bookstore

Jennie’s last day at UBC will be December 9, 2022.
Congratulations, Jennie, on your 21 outstanding years at UBC! 

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“After 21 years as the Merchandise Manager, Jennie has decided it is time to seek a life of travel and adventure. Her commitment to excellence in the Bookstore’s merchandise categories is second to none in our industry. She has led the buying team to achieve great things and will be sorely missed by all.

“We wish her all the best as she explores the world starting in December in New Zealand.”  

— Steve Alb, Director, Bookstore & Campus Mail

Jock Teng Seng

Jock Teng Seng

Food Services

Jock’s last day at UBC is December 11, 2022.
Congratulations, Jock, on your 17 fantastic years at UBC!

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“Jock joined the Retail team in Food Services as a general worker in 2006, working at Pacific Spirit Place for 10 years until it closed in 2016. He then moved to David Lam to work at Triple O’s, Tim Hortons and Bento Sushi. A foundation of our Retail team and our many franchises, Jock ensured our products were received each and every day with food safety measures in place.

“All staff and managers know Jock as one of the hardest workers, always with a smile on his face and enjoying a laugh with his colleagues. When we asked Jock what he was going to do in his retirement, he said he’ll just be relaxing and spending time with the family. Here comes a lifetime of weekends, Enjoy!” — Jody Ropas, Manager, Retail Operations

Ramon Ramos

Food Services

Ramon’s last day at UBC will be December 19, 2022.
Congratulations, Ramon, on your 16 incredible years at UBC!

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“Starting in Food Services in September 2006, Ramon spent his career with us serving students in Residence Dining. He was always quick to help his coworkers and lead the team to get the job done, sharing the bright smile and cheerful attitude that he brought to work each day. He had a lot of fun working at UBC, looking forward to work each day and enjoying the company and friendship of his coworkers. Now, in his well-deserved retirement, he looks forward to playing some golf and spending time with his grandson.”

— Loriann McGowan, Associate Director, Residence Dining

Arj Jordan

Jenny Fuentes

Finance (UBC Bookstore)

Jenny’s last day at UBC will be December 16, 2022.  
Congratulations, Jenny, on your 16 amazing years at UBC! 

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“After 16 years of dedicated service to UBC supporting both the Bookstore and Campus Mail as Senior Finance Manager, Jenny Fuentes has announced her retirement. I have been delighted to witness how Jenny has grown both professionally and personally during her time at UBC and it has been my immense pleasure to have her as a colleague.

“I know that Jenny is excited to spend more time with family when she retires, which will include three wonderful grandchildren who constantly want her attention. Jenny and her husband will prioritize travel, and look forward to visiting their daughter and her family in Australia.”

— Brian Heathcote, Chief Financial Officer, SHCS