Through the SHCS Outstanding Contribution Awards, we recognize employees in our unit who make extraordinary contributions at UBC and beyond.

This year we received many wonderful nominations. Thank you to everyone who nominated one of their incredible colleagues.

While it was challenging to select from all of the outstanding nominees, we are pleased to announce the following six recipients of this year’s Outstanding Contribution Awards.

These recipients were honoured at an awards ceremony on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, alongside recipients of the 2021 SHCS Hero Awards, Long Service Awards, and our recent culinary apprenticeship program graduates.

Outstanding Contribution Award

Jim Collier

Parking Access Coordinator, Parking

Nominated by Beth Krisciunas, Parking Systems Manager, UBC Parking

“Jim’s work is often done quietly, with minimal fuss and yet has significant and positive impacts right across UBC, so it’s great to see him recognized with an Outstanding Contribution Award. Jim is a super chill person who is smart, funny and engaged – the kind of person who is seen not only as a valued team player, but as a role model for others. I’m absolutely thrilled for Jim; well done mate!” — Brian Jones, Director, UBC Parking

Congratulations Jim; your work in SHCS is amazing!

From Jim's Nomination

“Jim’s work ethic is amazing, where he is always wanting to try new things, innovate or fix things, both within the department and in his role supporting administrators across campus. He is someone who cares about the folks that he works with and is regularly available to his peers when they need support both professionally and personally. He has helped many people feel appreciated and supported and does so with grace, humour and compassion.

“Understanding that everyone has different comfort levels with the tools they use, or the complexity of Parking and Access business rules and systems, Jim is the “go to” person for many folks when they need help – often for things completely unrelated to his position.

“Completely taking ownership of successes and failures, and building on both, allows Jim to contribute to UBC in a meaningful way. He has developed and implemented the parking permit waitlist program, creating equity for parking products; has worked on continuous improvement for the Acadia Park permit experience; implemented a massive change in payroll deduction permits, integrating with Workday to improve the customer experience and improve the financial liability…and has been the lead with onboarding card-accessed key lockboxes across campus.”

— Beth Krisciunas, Parking Systems Manager, UBC Parking

Vicky Lau

Payroll Manager, SHCS

Nominated by the SHCS HR Team

“I am so pleased that Vicky Lau has been recognized by her colleagues for this award. Vicky uses her problem solving skills and attention to detail to fix complex payroll issues as they arise and eliminate countless problems before they happen. Nothing, not even Workday, can stop her in her quest to ensure her fellow employees are paid properly and on time. Vicky is a true SHCS superhero!” — Rob Wharton, Associate Director, Finance and Payroll, SHCS

Congratulations Vicky; your work in SHCS is extraordinary!

From Vicky's Nomination

“Vicky is amazing. She goes above and beyond every single day. Everyone in SHCS goes to her with issues and questions and she tirelessly answers all of them.

“Vicky has taken on a tremendous amount of work in regards to the Workday system. She continues to learn more about the system, train her staff, find issues and errors, and adapt our departmental practices. She supports Managers and Administrators on the system and this is all on top of her regular payroll duties. Plus, she is continually finding issues and improvements in Workday that no one else at the university has discovered. In SHCS, we all rely on her level of detail and the dedication she brings to her work.

“Vicky is also a wealth of historical, payroll and HR knowledge. She is the first person that SHCS employees, managers and supervisors go to with all of their payroll issues and questions. She exhibits excellence in both her attention to detail and knowledge.

“What is really remarkable about Vicky is her dedication. The time she puts in and the sheer volume of the problems she solves is unbelievable.”

— SHCS HR Team

Lauren Thomson

Residence Front Desk Services Coordinator, Residence Life and Administration

Nominated by Krysta Mazure, Front Desk Services Representative, RL&A

Congratulations to Lauren for receiving the Outstanding Contribution Award.  Her work ethic, dedication to other front desk staff and to students in residence is greatly appreciated. Thank you Lauren for your positive attitude and the great energy you continuously bring to our team.” — Janice Robinson, Director, Residence Life and Administration

Congratulations Lauren; your work in SHCS is extraordinary!

From Lauren's Nomination

“Lauren is always finding ways to improve the efficiency of the Front Desk procedures and organization. She is on top of every issue that may arise at the desk and has excellent problem solving capabilities. She is also very welcoming, supportive and knowledgeable.

“At the beginning of this Winter Session, she completely redid our key cabinet in a much more organized manner. Having our key cabinet be easy to read and well-organized makes things much more accessible for Front Desk staff. It allows us to find keys faster, which allows us to help students and trades staff more efficiently and smoothly.

“Getting to work with Lauren everyday is an absolute treat. She manages to make tasks, which are sometimes mundane, very fun.”

— Krysta Mazure, Front Desk Services Representative, RL&A

Outstanding Contribution Award in Sustainability

Stephen Pan

Electrician, Facilities and Building Services

Nominated by Sarah Brown, Storekeeper, Facilities and Building Services

“Stephen joined SHCS as an electrician in 2013 and has been a mainstay to the crew since day one. He consistently brings an amazingly calm attitude to not only his crew, but to the entire team here at SHCS. Always willing to lend a hand, his infectious can-do approach is refreshing to those that get to work with him. An avid fisherman, family man and cook, Stephen is the prefect recipient for this award.” — Andrew Powter, Associate Director, Facilities

Congratulations Stephen; your work in SHCS is remarkable! 

From Stephen's Nomination

“The electricians team just completed the migration of the old fire alarm systems over to a new system. It required countless hours of overtime (evenings and weekends) in order to get the job done. Stephen was a huge contributor to the success of this project. There were many weeks where he didn’t get a single day off leading up to the completion deadline – such dedication, care and commitment like this rarely exists today.

“Stephen educates and empowers family, friends and colleagues to live a more sustainable lifestyle and is always open to sharing his experiences and knowledge. He also ensures his colleagues recycle light bulbs, smoke detectors, exit signs, etc. responsibly. He often takes soft plastics to the recycling depot in Richmond for a bunch of his colleagues that would have disposed of said items in the garbage.”

— Sarah Brown, Storekeeper, Facilities and Building Services

Sam Wellman

Associate Director, Retail Operations, Food Services

Nominated by Colin Moore, Director, Food Services

It is an honour to have Sam lead our Retail food & beverage business at UBC Vancouver. Sam leads by example and truly understands that people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” — Colin Moore, Director, Food Services

Congratulations Sam; your work in SHCS is remarkable! 

From Sam's Nomination

“Sam is a humble and quick leader who garners a tremendous amount of respect from her team. She knows leadership by example is the only true way. She cares deeply for her team and works alongside them as much as possible.

“Working hard and often long hours when everyone else has gone home is a cornerstone for Sam. She will jump in, roll up her sleeves, and work alongside anyone on her team. You will often find her making pizzas at Mercante and serving coffee at Tim Hortons.

“Sam’s team leads with environmental sustainability. Leaders of the Zero Waste foodware strategy at UBC, they eliminated plastic straws long before anyone else; they started charging for single-use cups two years ahead of the City of Vancouver; they have always been leaders in Sort It Out at UBC.

“Sam’s team is also an important part of the CAP2030 plan at UBC. For example, they are piloting GHG labeling at Mercante, encouraging customers to make choices that reduce GHG emissions.

“From an economic sustainability perspective Sam and her team have done a tremendous amount of work optimizing the Retail portfolio over the last two years, taking it from a loss of almost $1M to a division that will be profitable in FY 2022/23.

“However, the one defining area of sustainability that clearly sets Sam apart is her commitment to social sustainability – too often the topic that gets the least support and attention. Sam’s sustainability leadership is focused on people, and the social sustainability that UBC and the broader community needs.”

— Colin Moore, Director, Food Services

Outstanding Contribution Award in Community Leadership

Sandra Todd

Sales Clerk, Bookstore

Nominated by Elinor Morris, Buyer, UBC Bookstore

“Sandra is so deserving of the Outstanding Contribution Award in Community Leadership. She cares deeply for the community and it comes through in all of her actions. She is a great role model who is quick to help anyone in need. She has the best interest of students top of mind and always suggests ways to improve or add services that matter. We are proud that she is part of our team.” — Steve Alb, Director, UBC Bookstore and Campus Mail

Congratulations Sandra; your work in SHCS is incredible!

From Sandra's Nomination

“Sandra’s willingness to organize events…and tireless philanthropic work on behalf of youth, animals, and other marginalized groups, comes from a deep well of profound caring, which is exhibited in even her smallest interactions.

“Her many contributions include collecting socks and other warm clothing for children in need, helping people access low-cost veterinary care, organizing Halloween contests and Secret Santas through the pandemic, co-creating Métis dolls for school Reconciliation programs, offering knowledge as an elder, applying for funding for free/low-barrier yoga and fitness…collecting art supplies for youth programs, fundraising for multiple good causes, reducing food waste, and carpooling.

“Sandra has a direct impact on everyone who meets her. To know her is to be inspired by her. She is absolutely fearless and fierce in her love for other beings. She has inspired me personally to contribute more to my community – and I know the same is true for many others.”

— Elinor Morris, Buyer, UBC Bookstore