25, 35, 40 Year Club Members

Congratulations to these SHCS staff on retiring, and thank you to each of them for their dedication to UBC throughout their careers.

Helen Chan

Helen Chan

Food Services

Helen’s last day at UBC was June 1, 2020.
Congratulations, Helen, on your 42 incredible years at UBC!

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“Helen could tell more stories about the early years of Food Services than most people on campus! Helen has worked in buildings and spaces that no longer exist, and she has supported countless numbers of students and guests with amazing food and service over the course of her 42 years.

Helen was a key member of the production team at the central kitchen, and she worked out of the basement of the old Student Union Building for many years. When the central kitchen moved to Totem, Helen changed roles and moved into the residence dining portfolio. Her years of experience in food production and her attention to detail and food quality made her an ideal candidate to adopt the salad bar at Vanier. This became her domain and it was with pride that she maintained the quality, selection, variety, and cleanliness of this area – making it the best salad bar in residence dining!

Helen was a valued member of the team, working efficiently each and every day and helping her team members whenever it was needed. Her ever-present smile and grace will be missed by all. Since her retirement in June, Helen has enjoyed working at the family greenhouse and spending time with her family.”

— Loriann McGowan, Associate Director, Residence Dining & Mini Marts, Food Services

Henrietta McMillan

UBC Bookstore

Henrietta’s last day at UBC was August 14, 2020.
Congratulations, Henrietta, on your 14 phenomenal years at UBC!

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“Henrietta originally came to UBC in 1990 as a Communications Officer in the Industry Liaison Office, after which she took some time to raise her two wonderful girls. In 2009, Henrietta returned to UBC as a Program Assistant in the Faculty of Arts before coming to the Bookstore in 2011. She worked in various roles at the Bookstore including Sales Clerk, Senior Bookstore Assistant (Course Materials) and Senior Bookstore Assistant (Textbook Research). In 2017 she accepted a temporary promotion to the HR Associate position and she was so successful that she remained a valuable part of our HR team ever since.”

— Krista Power, Senior Human Resources Coordinator, Student Housing and Community Services

Nance Moseley

Conferences & Accommodation

Nance’s last day at UBC was September 1, 2020.
Congratulations, Nance, on your 17 excellent years at UBC!

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“Nance arrived at UBC in the year of SARS (2003) and has contributed significantly to C&A’s growth and success over the past 17 years.

She was always willing to volunteer to help out at staff functions or to simply help support colleagues. Her positive disposition is infectious and she would use it to disarm the angriest guest or comfort stressed staff. Nance’s contributions and commitment to UBC, SHCS, and the C&A team will be sorely missed—as will her treat days! Nance’s exit strategy was to build a beautiful log cabin on Bowen Island to be closer to grandchildren (and quite possibly to avoid SARS 2019!).”

— Allan De Jong, General Manager, Conferences & Accommodation

June Yau

Facilities & Building Services

June’s last day at UBC was September 1, 2020.
Congratulations, June, on your 30 fantastic years at UBC!

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“June Yau was born in Hong Kong and married at 15 and a half, to her husband Sing, who was only 18 at the time. In 1969 they emigrated to England, where their first son was born, and a year later moved to Vancouver where her other two sons were born. June began working for UBC Food Services in 1990 and now has 7 beautiful grandchildren, and she enjoys spending time with family at every opportunity. She loves working partly because of the many friends she has at the university and at Place Vanier residence, where she has worked for the past 20 years.

June and her family all enjoy getting together for dinners out or visiting over lunch breaks. She feels lucky to have such a wonderful husband whom she enjoys travelling with to Hong Kong, China, Japan, and the many other places they have visited, and she is grateful for every day of their 54 year marriage.”

— Adrian Popple, Building Services Manager, Place Vanier & Green College

Peter Brien

Food Services

Peter’s last day at UBC will be September 13, 2020.
Congratulations, Peter, on your 27 outstanding years at UBC!

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“Peter’s presence will be sincerely missed at UBC. The great work he did here ensures that he will not be forgotten anytime soon. What he achieved at UBC made quite an impact to the people he interacted with and worked with for the last 28 years! Thank you for being a tireless professional, a helpful coworker, and a good friend to many.”

— Sam Wellman, Associate Director, Retail Operations, Food Services

Arj Jordan

Robert (Arj) Jordan

Front Desk Services, Residence Life & Administration

Arj’s last day at UBC will be September 17, 2020.
Congratulations, Arj, on your 35 remarkable years at UBC!

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“Robert, or “Arj” as we call him, holds a history that few others at the front desks do. Since September 1984, with the exception of one summer in 1999 as a Houseperson, Robert has spent his entire career with the Residence Front Desk team. Oh the changes he has seen…..

In addition to working at the front desks, Robert has been a tennis instructor and he has written for both The Westender and The Georgia Straight, continuing to write opera reviews to this day. Robert has been involved with his church choir since 1991 and also stays busy raising twin teenagers!

Ever the historian, Robert has a remarkable memory and can share a tale about the department and the work of the front desks like no other. And we are so grateful for that institutional knowledge. His attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and hard work have been such a gift to us. We will miss seeing Arj around the front desks, but we wish him all the best in his well-earned retirement.”

— Carol Young, Associate Director, Residence Life, Service Development & Operations

Tom Rai

Food Services

Tom’s last day at UBC was August 1, 2020.
Congratulations, Tom, on your fantastic 38 years at UBC!

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“Tom is one of those employees who has worked and supported many different areas in Food Services. He began his career in residence dining, working to support the students in Totem and Vanier. Tom then moved to the retail division, where he was the Storeperson at Pacific Spirit Place (aka “PSP”) in the Old SUB. He worked there during the height of the “food court” environment, where his nimble delivery of products to the multiple franchise kiosks and to the in-house brands kept him busy. Without Tom’s careful eye and knowledge of where things were kept, chaos would have erupted!

Tom has always been a keen team player and willing to support his co-workers, along with responding to the many requests (and additional asks) of his managers and supervisors. A calm manner and ever-present smile is what Tom was always known for, and those characteristics will be what his co-workers will miss the most.

During retirement, Tom will be enjoying time with his grandchildren and hopefully being able to travel back to Fiji when such a luxury is permitted again.”

— Loriann McGowan, Associate Director, Residence Dining & Mini Marts, Food Services

Salome Olacke

Food Services

Salome’s last day at UBC will be October 1, 2020.
Congratulations, Salome, on your 30 exceptional years at UBC!

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“Salome has been a constant presence in residence dining for the past 30 years. She brought her delightful, bright, and friendly personality to work each day, to share with her co-workers and the students she served. Salome could be found serving at a station, making sandwiches, preparing salads, preparing desserts and fruit, welcoming summer conference guests, or processing guest transactions—always done with a smile and a friendly caring word or gesture.

Salome loves to travel and is a delight to have in a travel group. Many co-workers, past and present, have had the pleasure of traveling with her! She hopes to continue this hobby when it is once again permitted.”

— Loriann McGowan, Associate Director, Residence Dining & Mini Marts, Food Services