25, 35, 40 Year Club Members

Congratulations to the SHHS staff who recently became members of UBC’s 25 and 40 Year Clubs!

25 Year Club

Joanne Thember

Health and Safety Associate, Student Housing and Hospitality Services / Risk Management Services

Congratulations, Joanne, on your 25 outstanding years at UBC!

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“It is with great pleasure that we take this opportunity to recognize and acknowledge the valuable contributions Joanne has made to the advancement of safety within Student Housing and Hospitality Services and at UBC over the past 25 years. Joanne’s level of commitment to the department is unmatched. She has contributed to many key safety initiatives and always goes the extra mile to provide engaging safety training to her colleagues at a time that works for them.

Her commitment to SHHS goes well beyond what is in her job description. She is always the first person to lend a hand when needed, like helping out with Blueberry Fest, connecting colleagues across the department and looking out for the wellbeing of those she works with. Her desire to help others goes well beyond her working life. When Joanne is not busy making workplaces at UBC safer, she can be found volunteering in the community, gardening and going on cycling trips around the world.

Please join me in taking a moment to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts Joanne has taken over her career to contribute to a positive culture of safety at UBC.”

— Gontran Paget, Health and Safety Advisor, Student Housing and Hospitality Services / Risk Management Services

Jadwiga “Vega” Wijata

Residence Dining Sales Attendant, Food Services

Congratulations, Vega, on your 25 outstanding years at UBC!

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“Vega works for UBC Food Services in our residence dining operations.  She has provided service to many students, staff and visiting international guests. Outside of work, Vega has a very busy personal life.  Her two beautiful daughters have blessed her with three grandsons and one granddaughter. What is even better is they live within walking distance of her house—like the house right behind her’s!!! This close proximity and love of family means she is very involved with her grandchildren, babysitting twice a week, watching “Dancing with the Stars” (and practicing their collective dance moves), and playing tag and basketball with them! She also keeps busy by exercising, swimming, hiking, and doing yoga and other activities. Vega is famous for her lunch break walks while at work!  She also loves to travel,  having travelled all over Europe. In Vega’s words “I love and enjoy working with UBC employees.””

— Loriann McGowan, Associate Director, Residence Dining and Mini Marts

40 Year Club

Mahara Silva

Building Services Manager, Student Housing

Congratulations, Mahara, on your 40 outstanding years at UBC!

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“Mahara began working at UBC at the Faculty Club sometime before I was even born. While she didn’t stay with that gig long, she came back to work at UBC a second time, beginning in 1979, as a part-time housekeeper in “Housing.” Over the last 40 years, Mahara has worked in many areas, in many positions, and has become a trusted colleague and valued team member. The resident historian, she knows the birthdates and start dates of each of the staff in Building Services. She has chosen to spend most of her life here, devoted to the staff she supervises and the residents she supports, for which we are very grateful indeed.”

— David Kiloh, Director, Facilities and Building Services

Anna Welther

Senior Supervisor, Food Services

Congratulations, Anna, on your 40 outstanding years at UBC!

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“Anna Welther starting working in food services in 1979 at the Pond Café and spent time working at Yum Yum’s, the Sub Cafeteria and Totem in the first decade of her career at UBC. Over the next 30 years, Anna has worked in almost every retail unit at least once—or even twice. Anna enjoys traveling and Mexico is her favourite yearly destination. She also enjoys spending her personal time with family and friends.”

Heather Fulton

Senior Supervisor, Food Services

Congratulations, Heather, on your 40 outstanding years at UBC!

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“Forty years of service seems like a long time with one employer, but I have actually been in twenty units in my time at UBC. Each one was like having a new job. Special thanks to the staff I have had the honour of supervising. Your support, hard work and help has been very much appreciated.

The hardest challenge I faced was when I was told that I was flying to Milford, CT in the US to learn to become a Subway Franchisee for UBC Food Services. Little did I know what was in store for me in Milford or what I was getting into when I returned home. It was very hectic, but I survived.

Everyone knows my love of flowers. I was told that if there was a lovely bouquet of flowers on my desk, I was approachable and in a good mood. If there were no flowers on my desk, then best stay away and wait for another day.

I love the outdoors. I have spent many a lazy hour camped beside my Dad’s favourite fishing hole, with a good book in one hand and a cold drink in the other, enjoying Mother Nature’s creation. We live in a beautiful country: get out and enjoy it.

Being here for 40 years has been a treat. I now have retirement around the corner, and it will bring lots of travel, time to enjoy my love of flowers, nice long walks in the warm sun, sleep-ins, some volunteer work and, of course, time with my family and friends.

I wish each of you good health and happiness.


– Heather Fulton