25, 35, 40 Year Club Members

Congratulations to these SHCS staff on retiring, and thank you to each of them for their dedication to UBC throughout their careers.

Georgeta “Gigi” Popa

Facilities & Building Services

Gigi’s last day at UBC was December 1, 2021.
Congratulations, Gigi, on your 9 amazing years at UBC!

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“Gigi Popa started working in Building Services in 2012. She was known for her commitment to work and her energetic demeanor. She was always ready to offer help to any resident or co-worker. She brought a liveliness to any group and we will miss her at work dearly.”

— Johanna Webber, Associate Director, Building Services

Gladys Leon

Residence Life & Administration

Gladys’s last day at UBC is January 1, 2022.
Congratulations, Gladys, on your 14 fantastic years at UBC!

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“Gladys worked at UBC for 14 years, 13 of them in the Student Housing Main Office where she supported our residence population in Student Family housing. Gladys thoroughly enjoyed working with families and was always particularly pleased when a resident or staff member would come by the office with a baby. Her warm personality and contagious giggle made Gladys a wonderful team member and friend to have in the office. Gladys was always willing to lend a hand, whether it be assisting in training a new staff member or brewing a mean pot of coffee for the office. She is a skilled gardener and was known for single-handedly keeping many of the plants in the SHCS Main Office alive. She is looking forward to spending more time gardening at home and being with her family and her cat. She is an avid traveler and looks forward to traveling much more in the coming years. We are excited for the adventures Gladys is going to embark on. She will be missed!”

— Natalie Tole, Associate Director, Residence Admissions and Administration

Suzanne Nazareno

Conferences & Accommodation (Okanagan)

Suzanne’s last day at UBC is January 1, 2022.
Congratulations, Suzanne, on your 13 dedicated years at UBC!

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“Suzanne joined the Okanagan campus of UBC in March 2008 when there was less than a third of the number of beds on campus that there is currently. As the Manager of Conferences and Accommodation Suzanne has been an instrumental part of the leadership team throughout our growth. In addition to developing the conference and accommodation sector of our operation, Suzanne has also been tapped over the years for a number of different initiatives, including creating the campus Central Booking Office, acting as the Director of Student Housing and Hospitality Services for a year, being an active member of the Joint Job Evaluation Committee and coordinating the annual Student Move-in process. Suzanne has also been a highly active member of  CUCCOA (Canadian University and College Conference Organizers Association) where she shared her experience with university conference professionals from across the country. 

“In 2012, Suzanne’s work was recognized with a UBC Okanagan Staff Award of Excellence in Leadership. She was similarly recognized by the Lake Country Chamber of Commerce for a Business Community Excellence Award and by CUCCOA with a Members Choice Award for outstanding work.

“As much as Suzanne’s commitment to UBC Okanagan will be missed, we are very excited for her has she heads into this next stage. Retiring in the Okanagan looks very appealing – lots of people seem to do it!” 

— Shannon Dunn, Director, Business Operations

Theodora “Theo” Tam

Residence Life & Administration

Theo’s last day at UBC is January 1, 2022.
Congratulations, Theo, on your 30 incredible years at UBC!

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“Theo spent 30 years as part of the Student Housing assignments team. She watched Student Residence grow and change significantly during her time here and was always the resident expert on Thunderbird Residence, which she saw built and assigned the very first residents to. Theo is kind and caring and had the ability to speak patiently and empathetically with any student, no matter how many questions they may have had. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening her in backyard, often generously bringing in extra fruit and vegetables for her coworkers. She also loves practicing Yoga and spending time with her grandchildren- two things she plans to do much more of during retirement. Theo loves going on cruises, particularly ones that include ballroom dancing.  Theo is looking forward to many more cruises in the coming years, and perfecting her dancing skills. We hope that she will come by and show us her moves!” 

— Natalie Tole, Associate Director, Residence Admissions and Administration

Tom Dobbie

UBC Bookstore

Tom’s last day at UBC was September 17, 2021.
Congratulations, Tom, on your 14 excellent years at UBC!

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“Tom started at the Health Sciences Bookstore across from VGH in 2007. When the Health Sciences location closed, Tom came to join us in the Bookstore on the Point Grey campus in the course materials department. Over the years, Tom has continually stepped up to take on more responsibility and, seven years ago, he became the Senior Buyer in the course materials department. After exactly 14 years of tremendous service to the Bookstore (and 14 years of keeping his coworkers laughing), Tom has decided to take a well-deserved retirement. Although Tom prefers for the spotlight to be shone elsewhere, his coworkers wanted to make sure that he and his contributions to the campus were recognized. We will all miss having him in the office every day, but we want to thank him for his hard work, and we wish him all the best with this new chapter of his life. Congratulations Tom!”

— Jennifer Stacey, Course Materials Manager

Chu Po Chang

Food Services

Chu Po’s last day at UBC was September 27, 2021.
Congratulations, Chu Po, on your 33 incredible years at UBC!

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“Chu Po started with Food Services in 1988. Although she has worked throughout the department, her final years were spent in Residence Dining, primarily at Totem. Chu Po’s interest in learning new things never stopped. She would quickly learn a new station, the menu items, and processes necessary to seamlessly serve our student guests. No matter where she was asked to work she excelled. When Chu Po smiled you could feel the glow; her whole face would light up. Not a big traveler, Cho Po enjoys meeting friends for lunch and trying her luck at the local casinos.”

— Rene Atkinson, Manager, Residence Dining

Michelle Mah

Food Services

Michelle’s last day at UBC was October 13, 2021.
Congratulations, Michelle, on your 7 amazing years at UBC!

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“Michelle has worked for Food Services since 2013 in both Scholar’s Catering and in Residence dining as a Third Cook. Michelle was one of many who contributed in making many high profile events on campus a success, such as Congress of the Humanities, numerous Homecomings, Wesbrook Village BBQs, Welcome Back BBQs, and weddings. Michelle also contributed during the transition and rebranding of Wescadia Catering to Scholar’s Catering. A dedicated and passionate employee with care and attention to details, Michelle brought a positive attitude with her to work and strove to complete tasks and duties to the best of her abilities, all while working in a fast-paced and high-demand environment. Michelle was always open and receptive to learning, and she often brought new ideas forward.”

— David Speight, Executive Chef & Culinary Director

Tony Grewal

Food Services

Tony’s last day at UBC was December 1, 2021.
Congratulations, Tony, on your 17 fantastic years at UBC!

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“UBC Food Services is grateful for the 17 years of service from Tony Grewal. Tony started out at UBC as a Commissary Cook in our Central Kitchen where he led the graveyard shift overseeing the bake shop and sandwich production. He then became the Commissary Cook leading the culinary team within Residence Dining at Totem Park. Prior to retiring, Tony returned to the Central Kitchen and led our hot food production for retail. Over the years Tony mentored and taught a great number of cooks at UBC. He was a well-liked member of the kitchen team and we wish him all the best in his retirement. Thank you, Tony, for your numerous contributions to UBC!”

— David Speight, Executive Chef & Culinary Director